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Mindscope Counselling: The beginning

How did I get here?

In the summer of 2005, I had a multiple sclerosis (MS) “event”, which caused the limbs on the left side of my body to stop working. I spent two long months in hospital during which time I woke up one morning to discover that I couldn’t see and everything was blurry.  Soon, I began physiotherapy to help regain function of my leg and arm, i.e. to improve physically. This was great but what I really needed, even more than that, was some help with my head, i.e., mentally!

The doctors couldn’t say whether my left-sided limb function OR my sight would return or not and the thought of being dependent on others was too grim to even consider. I couldn’t think straight and the doctors were unable to tell me if I was going to make a full recovery or, at least, improve. Just three weeks before, I had been a “fully fnctioning” person driving home after having finished school (I was a teacher!) for the summer holidays, singing along to my music and here I was getting worse every day. I was shocked at my body not working properly, shocked that I no longer had control over my leg or my arm, shocked that I could not see, and shocked that I was suddenly stuck in hospital sitting in a wheelchair. The final straw was that I was forced to see my visiting mother every day, with whom I had not shared a close relationship. I was worried about my mental state and, in desperation, I asked to see a psychologist who advised me to talk to a counsellor instead.

Counselling, for me, was life changing. I felt inspired and compelled to become a counsellor so I could help others. I have since studied Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Humanistic Counselling to learn as much as I possibly can about the brain, the effects of brain injury, and how counselling can help untangle the confusion of thoughts, feelings and memories in the mind. I have also managed to help “repair” my brain through a mixture of counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation, and most importantly, a high fat/low carbohydrate diet.

I created Mindscope Counselling to provide a source of useful information on counselling, neurological disorders, NLP, counselling models and other related aspects of psychology, as well as offer a safe and open space to ask questions and talk to others. In addition to counselling individuals, I write a regular blog on lots of interesting topics, including counselling, brain injury, and my own personal experiences of MS and following a low-carb/high-fat diet. Please subscribe to be notified of new blog posts!